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How to secure your home before the holidays?

Editorial office of TESLA Editorial office of TESLA 13. 6. 2022

Tips and tricks

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Whether we like it or not, there have been and are thieves among us who like to make a little extra money by breaking into a house or apartment. What tricks do they have and how can you outsmart them to keep your home safe?

The Drunken Amateur and the Organized Gang 

We are fortunate, and certainly to our credit, to live in a country with a low crime rate. Yet burglaries and robberies of houses, flats and holiday properties make up a large proportion of domestic crime. Family houses on the outskirts of villages, apartments during the holiday season, and cottages and chalets in winter are the most vulnerable. The number of burglaries has tended to increase year by year since 2020. 

Golden Karma Does Not Deter Thieves 

Being prepared for the unexpected is crucial, as crisis prevention doesn't mean living in fear. But certainly, preventive preparedness and protection is better than believing that thanks to your loving energy and the beautiful peonies in your front yard, no thief will ever come and everything bad will be avoided. 

Incidentally, most of the Police reports that burglars benefit most from the fact that a large proportion of homes have no mechanical or electronic anti-theft measures. It is therefore usually not a big problem for them to break in through a door or window, but in many reported cases they can easily get through an unlocked cellar door or terrace. If you leave your keys hidden under a doormat or in a flowerpot, be sure that these are the first places a thief will look before taking the trouble to pick up the lock or break a window.

Money Under the Mattress 

If you have stashes for cash or jewelry, know that they are unlikely to be original enough for a skilled burglar. They're very good at searching everything from mugs on top shelves to the back of picture frames and even to underwear. Valuables, jewelry, and cash are the primary targets, followed by electronics and other significant valuables. Car keys and a car are a big win for burglars. 

It Only Takes a Pro 5 Minutes to Steal 

... So, don't make it any easier for them if they decide to pay you a visit. The majority of burglaries go unsolved, and the thief is never caught. It's also a proven fact that many burglars will take a good look around a home first. And that often includes its members profiles on social media. Even an innocent beach post on your teenage daughter's Instagram can be the first impulse to snoop. 

Smart Cameras

Abolishing social networks might help in theory, but there are much simpler solutions. Today, very high-quality cameras with a host of sophisticated features are available at affordable prices. It is the camera that can be the most useful aid in both preventing and solving the crime of burglary. And in the end, it can already work out cheaper and monitor more potential access to the house than a quality security lock. 

For example, the Tesla Smart PIR Battery camera pictured here doesn't even depend on a permanent power connection. Its battery will keep it running for three months after a short charge. It stores video footage at any motion detection in Full HD resolution on an SD card or in the cloud, which you can access from your smartphone. And it offers a very sharp image full of detail even in twilight, darkness, or storms. 

In addition to motion, the Tesla Smart PIR Battery detects sound. If there is an unusual activity, such as a window breaking, it will immediately alert you on your smartphone. And if you see someone in the footage that you're not supposed to see at your home, you can even scare them away by speaking to them in real time through the camera. In fact, the built-in audio in the camera works not only as a smart microphone, but also as a reverse speaker. 

At home in the safety of... Even without a thief 

The clever two-way audio function is also great for indoor cameras. This has given rise to a camera that fully replaces baby monitors. The Tesla Smart Camera 360 Baby has a wide-angle lens and rotates 360° around in both axes, tilting up and down, so not even the little world champion hiding will escape its eye. It detects motion and sound on its own using intelligent algorithms, and sensors even monitor the temperature and humidity in the room. If your baby starts crying, it will alert you. You can see everything in the room in sharp detail, and you can talk to your little one through your phone and the camera, or the camera itself will play your favorite lullaby. 

Similarly, you can keep an eye on your pets and of course... All uninvited guests. And even with other types of smart cameras such as the Tesla Smart Camera Mini or Tesla Smart Camera 360, in addition in a beautiful design. All of them can be easily integrated into your smart home. So, you can keep all entrances to your house, garden, garage, kids' room and living room - simply your entire home - under control and always protected. 

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