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About Us

We are TESLA. We continue to build on the almost 70-year history of our brand. We have supplemented our product range with smart home products. Our goal is to make the smart home become a regular part of all households, whether it be an apartment, house, or cottage. We have been developing, manufacturing, and testing smart home products for the general public for a long time. At the same time, we create educational content for them focused on their proper use, and the saving of both time and money.

TESLA started with all this in its home market in the very centre of Europe, but today it is quickly gaining attention in other countries around the world.

Within this portfolio we focus on air purifiers, cameras, smart products for pets, humidifiers, sensors, switches, scales, and even smart heating. But of course, that’s not the end of it, and our portfolio of smart products is constantly growing. You can look forward to many other new products for your smart home.



TESLA, it is a comprehensive smart home solution controlled by one mobile application, always in the language of the given country.

We bring you smart home products that will simplify your life, so you have time for what you really enjoy doing. We also develop TESLA products with a view to affordable prices – our goal is to make our products available to everyone who is interested in a smart home. During production, we therefore focus on the right choice of materials so that they last and do not lose quality. In addition, all devices can be easily configured and adapted to the individual needs of each member of the household.

What else do we offer?

We do not stick to theoretical phrases. We actively create new content in which we present news, functionality of smart products, their design and much more. Before buying any TESLA product you will already know all the necessary information – how the product is used, what it looks like in detail and what special features it has. You can find all this on our website, and on our social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as on our YouTube channel.


Smart technology is all around us. Discover a simpler life with smart TESLA products and live smarter! The smart home has never been more affordable or easier!

Simple app

Speed, simplicity, security. That’s the TESLA Smart app. It allows you to connect to all your products, and lets you share access between your family. It also has a Czech version!

Accessibility for all

Control your home from anywhere using just one smartphone and a simple app in English or Czech. It’s easy to live smart, no matter where you are or how old you are!

Customer support

We really do care about your opinion and your satisfaction is our main priority. Thank you for helping us build a popular brand among our customers. Our customer support is here for you 24/7!


Statement of the head of development

We want TESLA products to be a normal part of all households. Every user is unique, which is why TESLA products excel in their neutral and minimalist design and therefore fit in to any home.

The smart home is still perceived as sci-fi, which is only of interest to geeks. But very soon, the smart home will become an affordable norm. We want to bring the smart home closer to the average consumer and highlight the benefits it can bring. At the same time, we bring support to the customer in their own language, offering a comprehensive system and in addition we want to show how things work together, and that it can be really simple. All this in the corresponding quality and at an affordable price.

The long-term goal is to become the number one in the field of smart home in all markets in which we operate. We bring the entire smart home concept to everyone from technically proficient users through to ordinary households.

Product quality standards and limits are part of a strategy that we clearly set out from the very beginning, and the development of each product must follow them. The standards describe the functionality of equipment, the quality of workmanship and the choice of materials used. Throughout the entire process of development and production, we constantly monitor the fulfilment of quality requirements.

Feedback and evaluation from our customers

There is perhaps no greater confirmation of a job well done than positive feedback from satisfied customers. All the product evaluation and feedback you send us are clear evidence to us that what we do makes sense, and with each review we can continually improve and bring you other new smart products that make your daily life easier.

Who stands behind our brand?

All companies within the group are working together on further development. Their experienced teams guarantee that TESLA will be a respected technology brand in the future too.

TESLA Solar, s.r.o.

TESLA Solar covers the most important things – the development, production, and logistics of products for Smart Home and the Internet of Things. We are responsible for ensuring that all TESLA products meet strict quality criteria and are equipped with modern, state-of the-art, technology. The TESLA Solar team is involved in all important parts of the development and sales process, and our colleagues responsible for logistics and production can be found in Hong Kong amongst other places.

TESLA Solar, s.r.o. is a service organization which operates websites and applications for you. Thanks to this you have access to all the features of the TESLA ecosystem, and you are able to find out everything you need to know about our products. Every day, our colleagues at TESLA Solar, s.r.o. make sure that you always have up-to-date information on every product and that the TESLA Smart app is available 24/7, offering you all the smart features across the entire TESLA smart home platform.

TESLA Holding a.s.

TESLA Holding a.s. is the company that has owned the TESLA brand for more than 100 years. The products of the group of companies that TESLA Holding a.s. brings together have been known and loved by generations of people throughout Europe. TESLA has always been synonymous with technologically cutting-edge products, and it is TESLA Holding a.s. that sets and controls production standards and brand direction to this day.

We want to spread the use of smart devices to the general public