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Tesla Smart Thermometer: Professional Healthcare Precision for Home and Beyond

Editorial office of TESLA Editorial office of TESLA 23. 4. 2024

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The Tesla Smart Thermometer is designed for both professional use in the healthcare industry and for normal home use. In addition to temperature measurement, it also offers an object temperature measurement mode, which makes it easy to check the temperature of a child's bath, food before serving or room temperature.

A handy tool not only for health professionals 

Measurement is easy - simply place the thermometer about a centimetre from the ear canal, forehead or any other object whose temperature you need to measure and within seconds the result is displayed on the easy-to-read LCD display. If a fever is detected, the device will alert you with an audible signal. If the thermometer is idle for a long time, it will turn itself off to save energy in the two AAA batteries that power the thermometer. You can synchronize the measured data with your smart device to track its historical evolution. 

The detected values are synchronized with the Tesla Smart mobile app. Here you can see their historical evolution. In combination with other smart health devices, you get a more comprehensive overview of your health. 

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