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How to create the right climate in the home?

Editorial office of TESLA Editorial office of TESLA 15. 5. 2024

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It's beautiful outside, but it's hard to breathe at home. No matter what you do, too much dryness or humidity… Sound familiar? Here's how to keep the air fresh and crisp at home.

Few buildings are designed to have ideal air exchange and a pleasant climate in all seasons. But there is an elegant solution to most shortcomings - and you don't have to dig deep into your pockets for it right away or move straight into a new building with built-in heat recovery and air conditioning. 

When the air is dry at home 

Dry air problems are a particular problem in many urban dwellings. The consequences come quickly: dry skin, dry lips and mucous membranes in the nose and throat, irritating cough. 

The situation is worse in winter when radiators dry out the room. How to cope with dry air? 

1. Ventilate, but properly. Always open the window wide and let the air in the room change quickly. Just ventilate for about half a minute to a minute when the air inside changes to fresh air without cooling the walls. If it's cold outside, leaving windows open for long periods of time to ventilate will only cool the window surroundings, causing water to precipitate on the glass and favorable conditions for mold to form.

2. No micro-ventilation in winter. Newer windows allow for micro-ventilation, where windows are not tightly closed, and air can flow between the frame and sash. But forget about it in the heating season and don't use it at all in the winter.

3. Get more greenery. Flowers increase the relative humidity in a room, but hand on heart, one pot won't make a noticeable change in the air. To solve the problem of a dry climate with flowers, you'll need to turn your home into a literal jungle.

4. Get a smart humidifier. There is a plethora of humidifiers on the market, few will really help. Avoid buying cheap half-measures and invest in a smart humidifier. The one from Tesla Smart, for example, features an ultrasonic atomizer, monitors its own water level, and communicates with your smartphone. For example, it can automatically start when you approach home.

How to deal with a moisture problem 

Did you know that a three-person household produces up to 10 liters of water a day? Opening the windows wide and airing out consistently every morning is a very healthy habit that helps against both too dry and too humid air. Following advice on how to ventilate properly is therefore valid in any case. It's just that ventilation alone is not enough, even in houses that hold moisture. Unless it is caused by a significant structural defect, you can help yourself with a dehumidifier. Here too, the market offers a plethora of options, and you won't regret a quality product. For example, the Tesla Smart Dehumidifier XL, which informs you of the relative humidity status, helps to establish an optimal balance in both normal and extreme conditions. High relative humidity needs to be addressed consistently, as you'll prevent dew problems on window panes and walls and suppress the development of allergens in the form of mold and dust mites, which can have chronic consequences for your health. 

From the city air a fresh forest breeze 

Being in nature or by the sea is the best thing you can do for your healthy lungs, but you'll spend much more time at home or in the office. There, you'll be assaulted by smog, dust, and concentrated pollen, which circulate endlessly through the room and are particularly troublesome for allergy sufferers. At the same time, air quality has a significant impact on our health and, with it, our psychological well-being. Modern households are therefore equipped with air purifiers. They can literally turn smog into the smell of the forest after the rain.

Market leader Tesla Smart has introduced a series of smart purifiers that get rid of odors from smoke, cooking and frying and even eliminate formaldehyde, viruses, and bacteria in addition to allergens and dust mites. This is because the air passes through ultraviolet radiation, ionizer, carbon filter, photocatalytic filter, and HEPA filter. The device is equipped with an air quality sensor that constantly monitors the air in the room and automatically adjusts its performance from idle to reduce to maximum performance. This ensures energy savings and always clean, anion-free air. 

The smell of home 

To make the air in your home not only clean, but also fragrant, an aroma diffuser can be used. This too can be connected to a smart home, starting, and stopping automatically depending on whether or not you are at home. 

Let your home breathe gracefully. 

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