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Getting started with a TESLA smart home

A smart home is the foundation of modern living, saving you time and money and taking your home comfort to the next level. Find out what a smart home is all about and how it can help you in your everyday life.

What exactly is a smart home?

Saving time, lower living expenses, a safer place to live. Does it sound good to you? Get to know TESLA smart home. The smart home Has one goal: to improve the comfort of your home. It connects technologies and appliances so that they communicate with each other and independently perform tasks according to pre-set conditions.

This includes, for example, controlling lighting, heaters and air purifiers, or intelligent control of appliances, security features and more. It's not just about controlling devices remotely, but rather creating a cohesive ecosystem of connected products that can communicate and interact with each other. The aim is to make everyday tasks easier for members of the household, reduce energy consumption and increase home comfort and safety.

Live smartly with TESLA products

To achieve maximum efficiency when creating a smart home, ideally you should choose products from just one brand. Preferably one that covers all the needs of your home. TESLA products offer the widest portfolio and a unified product design, all easily controlled in the TESLA Smart app.

  • A wide portfolio

    From movement sensors to dog bowls. TESLA thinks of all the needs of the average household. It offers products from a wide range of categories such as security, electrical, personal care, smart lighting, pets and more.

  • Completely in English

    You can install the TESLA Smart app directly on your phone in English, so setting up your household will be a breeze. Since TESLA is an international brand, it is easy to speak the local language with customer support.

  • Automation and scenarios

    Control products remotely simply by using the app. However, smart living means much more. The main added value is the ability to set up automations and scenarios that allow the home to operate autonomously, just as you specify.

  • Quick, simple, smart

    Thanks to the app, product set-up and operation is simple and intuitive. And not just for you, but also for other household members with whom you can share control. What’s more, everything can be connected to smart assistants and controlled using voice commands.

  • Minimal energy costs

    Live smartly and at the same time reduce energy costs? No problem! If energy efficiency is your alpha omega, it's easy to set products to work only when you really need them. You can also keep track of your expenditure in real time.

  • Elegant design

    The product is designed to fit into any household. We put great emphasis on a unified design that will not interfere with the aesthetics of your home. Devices are modern, elegant and become a suitable addition to your interior.

TESLA smart home

TESLA smart home

Our modern technology allows you to automate and control various devices in your home using the TESLA Smart app!

What do you need for a smart home?

To put it simply, you only need two things for a smart home. A mobile phone and home Wi-Fi. You can set everything up in the TESLA Smart app. It connects all TESLA products via Wi-Fi and allows you to control devices and set up automations and individual scenarios.

How do I set up the Wi-Fi router? We have prepared a simple guide for you.

In some cases, just Bluetooth is enough. So if you don't have home Wi-Fi and don't plan to get it, choose devices with this technology. In addition to the selected products a ZigBee Hub which transforms ZigBee protocol data into a Wi-Fi network will also be required.

Smart heating

Do you like your home being warm but don’t want to heat it unnecessarily for the whole day? Equip your home with a smart heating system. TESLA thermostatic heads not only allow you to regulate the temperature remotely, but also offer the possibility of automatic switching on when you approach your home or switching off when you leave. If you come home regularly at the same time, just set a precise weekly schedule and you can be sure to always return to a warm home.

Automatic switching on of lights

With smart lighting, you'll never look for a light switch in the dark again. Just pair the smart lamp with the door sensor and it will automatically light up the moment you open the door to your room. Then when you leave, it will switch itself off again after you close the door. Smart lighting is also great in combination with a motion sensor. For example, this is ideal for placement in a corridor, where it will ensure that the light is switched on when motion is detected at night. So you can say goodbye to wandering around the apartment at night in the dark.

A household like out of a box

Vacuum three times a week, thoroughly clean the air once a day and in the evening add a pleasant scent with a diffuser... Caring for your home doesn't have to be a daily chore either, you just have to be smart about it. For example, robotic vacuum cleaners, smart air purifiers and humidifiers or aroma diffusers. In the TESLA Smart app, you can set them to your exact preferences or control them manually based on your current needs.

Smart baby monitor for children

Keeping an eye on the kids has never been easier. Are you wondering what a smart baby monitor can do? Motion and sound detection, temperature and humidity control, two-way communication or even night-time illumination. A notification system alerts you when your baby gets up or starts crying. Most situations can be solved without getting out of bed. Remotely check on your baby, play a lullaby or soothe him or her with your voice through the microphone. You can also easily connect the baby monitor to other smart products and use pre-set scenarios to automate some situations. For example, if the temperature in the room drops below the desired value, the smart heating system automatically adds a few degrees extra.

Caring for pets

The smart home can also manage caring for your pets. Smart feeders ensure a regular supply of food, a smart bed ensures ideal conditions for resting and smart drinking fountains provide fresh water throughout the day. Easily automate the care of your pets by setting up different scenarios. For example, if you connect the fountain to a motion sensor, the water flow and filtration will automatically switch on when entering the kitchen.

Secure home

Nothing is more important that to feel safe at home. Tesla is a producer of many products that hepl eliminate all kinds of risks. Intruder can be detected even before he enters your property. Tesla Smart cameras for interior and exterior monitor your home around the clock and send notifications when suspicious activity is detected. With Tesla app, you instantly see and hear what is going on in your home.

If you are unsure about cameras because you have pets and you think they would damage them, we have different solutions. Door and window sensors allow you to schedule alerts for certain time periods. Paired with a 100dB siren, you can be sure ever intruder runs away. Smart home can protect you even from things you cannot normally notice. Safety of your home can be secured by gas, water and smoke sensors.

Safety and costs under control

All smart assistants can be easily managed in the TESLA Smart app. Depending on your location, you can set up useful automations that trigger a range of tasks when you leave home. This includes turning off the TV, turning off the lights, turning down the heating, unplugging the sockets, activating the alarm. This way you can always be sure that everything is to your liking in your absence. In addition, turning off appliances and limiting standby time will prevent unnecessary increases in energy consumption.

Download the TESLA Smart app

Control your smart home with a simple app. Just download the app, add your Tesla products and adjust their settings. Anyone can do it. Plus, the app is fully localized in many languages, including English.

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