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The quality hair dryer that protects the hair

Editorial office of TESLA Editorial office of TESLA 5. 12. 2023

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Long or short, thick or thin, straight or wavy. Whatever your hair, it deserves to be healthy above all. How to achive it? You can probably guess that the quality of the wash and the hair cosmetics play a crucial role. But what many of us neglect is a suitable hair dryer. And that's a mistake that can cost a healthy hairstyle. Find out how to choose the right hairdryer and ensure your hair gets the perfect treatment.

It is said that hair is the crown of every woman's beauty. After all, we don't hesitate to wait for weeks on the waiting list at reputable salons for quality hair care, and investing in hair products often costs us almost our entire paycheck. However, in an age when modern technology is making the world go round, it would almost be a sin not to make it easier. 

There is a whole range of hair dryers on the market today. From small travel hairdryers to home hairdryers and curling irons to professional dryers with smart features. But most importantly - today there is a product for every hair type. So it's no problem to choose one that respects your hair texture. This will prevent damage and protect it. Moreover, the choice is also crucial for comfort during drying and final styling.  

How to choose the right hair dryer? 

  1. Hair type. If you have thin hair, choose a hair dryer with a lower temperature setting and hair protection features. If your hair is thick, a more powerful hairdryer with higher temperatures will be a good choice.
  2. Quality hair dryers have the ability to control the air temperature. You can adjust the intensity of the heat to suit your needs - warm air is essential for drying, cold air for fixing your hairstyle.
  3. Power.
  4. Equipment. Therefore, before buying, be clear about which you want to use. The diffuser will be appreciated by owners of long curly hair, while the air concentrator will come in handy when styling your hair by a round brush.
  5. Weight and ergonomics. Choose a hair dryer that is lightweight, ergonomically shaped and easy to handle. Weight and size can also play a major role when travelling.
  6. Cord length: When choosing a hair dryer, consider its location in the home and on the go. Especially when travelling, the socket may not be located near the mirror. The cord should therefore be long enough.
  7. Hair protection functions: modern hairdryers have hair protection functions, such as ionisation, which reduces static electricity and minimises hair damage. Reach for a device that improves the care.
  8. Price: set a budget and look for a hair dryer that meets your needs and expectations. Avoid very cheap low-quality hair dryers that don't provide the care you need and can overheat quickly.
  9. Opt for a hairdryer from a trusted brand with good reviews to avoid unnecessary worries about possible complaints. At the same time, check if the device has a sufficient warranty so that you are protected in case of a breakdown. 

TESLA offers hair dryers with a range of practical and useful features. The TESLA Foldable Ionic Hair Dryer and TESLA Professional BLDC Neutralizing Ion Hairdryer boast a minimalist design, 1,500 watts of power and an ionization function that protects hair from damage. 

Professional care from the comfort of home 

The TESLA Professional BLDC Neutralizing Ion Hairdryer with Ionizer protects hair, adds gloss and the necessary hydration. It has a memory function that remembers your selected temperature and airflow speed and automatically adjusts them the next time you blow-dry. The Cold Shot button ensures the final fixation of your hair, whether you want a smooth style or natural-looking curls. Automatic cleaning is also a very practical feature. 

  • 3 attachments (small and large concentrator and diffuser) 
  • air ioniser for a radiant hairstyle 
  • 3 temperature settings 
  • cold air for fixing 
  • 3 airflow levels 
  • memory function 
  • automatic cleaning and system diagnostics 
  • foldable handle and 2.8m long cord 

A little something for on-the-go with the features of a standard hairdryer 

The TESLA Foldable Ionic Hair Dryer impresses with its small size and practical functions. It weighs just 350 grams and its ergonomic design ensures that you will find styling your hair pleasant and comfortable even on the go. It offers 1,500 watts of power, an ioniser, 2 speed settings, a silent mode and a cold air function. When travelling, you'll appreciate the foldable handle that saves space in your luggage, or the 2.8 metre power cord that reaches even to a remote power outlet. 

  • compact dimensions and foldable design 
  • high-quality motor with 1,500 W of power 
  • 2 speed settings + cold air function 
  • air ioniser
  • ergonomic design and quiet operation
  • overheating protection
  • diffuser and air concentrator included 

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