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Ensure your furry friend gets treated like royalty. Even when you’re not at home...

Editorial office of TESLA Editorial office of TESLA 29. 8. 2023

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Are you a proud pet owner? Are you one of those people whose nine of the last ten photos in your gallery belong to a four-legged friend? Then we believe that your pet's comfort is your top priority. And even during the times when you are not at home.

Cats or dogs? Put the struggle between pet owners to one side. Whether you're a die-hard cat lover or dog lover, TESLA Smart has them all in mind. And the Smart Pet range helps you give them the royal treatment. 

As the owner of a four-legged companion, I'm sure you know this. The moment you go to work and leave your furry friend behind, you often get the feeling that he can't do without you. Who will give him fresh water, who will feed him, who will play with him? Well, nobody, except you that is. And with the help of smart products, a mobile app or automated scenarios, you can do it with ease. Simply, smartly and remotely. 

Meet the clever helpers focussed on caring for pets. They cover several categories such as feeders, fountains, beds, toys and toilets. As the category names suggest, the products will help you provide for all your pet's basic needs. And sometimes even better than you can manage yourself. 

Fresh granules and clean water at all times 

Let's start with the most important thing, a regular diet. Products in the smart feeder category offer several options, which differ mainly in terms of hopper size and features. The TESLA Smart Pet Feeder Spin offers an elegant solution for storing 6 different amounts of feed. It works on a rotating principle, where you simply fill the individual bowls (the volume of one bowl is up to 170 ml), set the feeding times and then you don't have to worry about anything else. 

The TESLA Smart Pet Feeder and TESLA Smart Pet Feeder Camera contain a hopper for up to 4 litres of feed and offers more freedom in feeding. Various feeding times with different portion sizes can be set in the app. The dispenser serves the granules in the exact weight and if you would like to give your hungry pet a little extra, you can simply add a bit more. Both models are equipped with a microphone and speaker, so they can help, for example, with the call to come and eat. If you choose a model with a camera, you can also monitor your pet. 

Tesla hasn't forgotten about aquarists either. The Smart Fish Feeder ensures a regular supply of food for your fish.

A regular supply of fresh water is essential. To maintain the correct fluid intake the TESLA Smart Pet Fountain or TESLA Smart Pet Fountain UV are at hand. Both models include a 2-litre tank which, thanks to a special filtration system, keeps the water clean for up to 5 days. The model with UV lamp also sterilises the water and gets rid of any bacteria. The way the water is served is also a great plus. In general, both dogs and cats prefer running water to standing water. The fountain is therefore equipped with a pump that ensures a constant flow. You can then set the app to turn on or off automatically, and it will also alert you when you need to refill the water or change the filter. 

All-day fun, comfortable sleep and a clean toilet 

Do you want to know the trick to making sure your Garfield doesn't get bored at home? Keep him entertained for the whole day. Just get the smart toy TESLA Smart Laser Dot Cats and the laser beam pursuit game can start. Interactive fun with 3 different beam trajectories and smooth acceleration for a faster pace. You can set the game modes and laser trajectory directly in the app, and if you would also like to join the game for a while, you can switch to manual controls. 

To take your pet's comfort to an even higher level, reach for a smart bed or toilet. The stylish TESLA Smart Pet Sofa ensures the ideal warmth in addition to peaceful sleep. This comfortable sofa for cats and smaller dogs constantly monitors the ambient temperature and automatically regulates its own temperature. It can cool the special gel pad by up to 9 °C or heat it by up to 12 °C. You can also set everything manually directly in the app, from 20 °C up to 38 °C. 

The TESLA Smart Pet Toilet ensures a spotlessly clean toilet. It boasts a self-cleaning process after every visit from your cat, saving you from perhaps your least favourite activity - taking out the litter tray. It has storage for up to 3 litres of clean litter and 3 litres of waste. In addition, you can track the frequency of your cat's visits or the weight of your pet in the mobile app. 

One app, hundreds of possibilities 

Whichever of the above products you choose, the TESLA Smart app will be your most trusted companion. In it, you'll find all your smart home helpers together, so you can set them to work exactly according to your available time and preferences. 

The beauty of automation and scenarios 

While TESLA Smart Pet products alone will help you immeasurably with pet care, it's when you pair them that you see their greatest added value. So, you don't know what to make of that? Allow us to show you a little example. 

Your pooch arrives in the kitchen for a drink of fresh water. However, the water in the bowl had been standing all day, so it was not exactly sparkling clean. And the solution? Pair the smart fountain with a motion sensor. As soon as the sensor detects movement in the room, it automatically triggers the fountain to ensure a supply of fresh water. Yes, that's simply how the automation of TESLA Smart products works. And the mobile app makes it easy to set them up with different scenarios. 

Inspiration for setting up scenarios: 

  • And the mobile app makes it easy to set them up with scenarios. 
  • Smart fountain + motion sensor (triggers the fountain or water purifying UV lamp if motion is detected in the room) 
  • Smart toy + motion sensor (triggers a laser game in the room the cat has just entered) 

What to remember when setting up scenarios? Bear in mind that two options need to be set for each situation. That is, one in which the situation occurs and one in which it does not occur. For example, if you pair a motion sensor and a smart fountain, you need to set both option A (the sensor detects motion and adds water) and option B (the sensor does not detect motion and does not add water).

We know that caring for pets is also something that most owners enjoy. That's why TESLA Smart Pet products have been developed to help you care for your pet when you can't give it your full attention. But at the same time, the ability to control and monitor everything remotely reassures you that your four-legged friends are well cared for.

One final tip

„There are no limits to your imagination. You don't have to look only to TESLA Smart Pet products to make caring for your pet easier. For example, if you are at work for a longer period of time and don't want to leave your companion at home in the dark, just use the smart lighting, which can be controlled remotely. Is it summer and the high temperature makes it hard to breathe in the room? Activate the smart air purifier. And in other categories of TESLA smart products, you'll find a range of features to help make your life easier.“

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