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TESLA Smart Pet Fountain

A smart fountain for your pets

If you leave your pets alone at home for prolonged periods of time, the smart TESLA fountain will provide them with a constant supply of fresh drinking water for up to 5 days. You can conveniently operate it remotely via an app, but it can also work in a fully automatic mode.

More information

  • 2 L Capacity
  • Purification System

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Power supply connector:
DC jack
Filter type:
Organic cotton filter
Power supply:
USB 5 V | 1 A
Operating temperature :
0‒50 °C
2000 ml
230 x 175 x 160 mm
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n
App TESLA Smart:
Google Android 6.0+, Apple iOS 11.0+

Product information

  • 2 L Capacity

    Detachable design makes cleaning fast and easy. 2 L capacity is enough to keep your pets hydrated for days.

  • Purification System

    Thanks to the ion exchange resin, activated carbon, and cotton filter, the water stays always fresh and clear. This filtration system makes the water softer, free of residual chlorine, and heavy metal ions.

Fresh water for a couple of days

The device is equipped with a large, 2 l water tank that will provide your pets with clean water for up to 5 days. What is more, the fountain can help your pets to keep their drinking regime. We know from our own experience that the fountain makes drinking fun for the pets and motivates them to do so which is convenient especially in the summer months.

No residual chlorine

The fountain is equipped with a filtration system that keeps the water clean and healthy. Its core part is a filter made from organic cotton which softens the water and removes any residual chlorine. However, there are two more components that make sure the water is clean – resin and activated carbon. They do so via the process of active ion exchange.

A quiet pump that does not disturb neither you nor your pets 

Feel free to place the fountain in your dining room, bedroom or living room. It's pleasantly quiet and the gentle splash of water also serves as sound therapy during an afternoon nap or when falling asleep in the evening. The device is powered from a socket.

A smart fountain for your pets

A smart fountain for your pets

The smart TESLA fountain will provide them with a constant supply of fresh drinking water for up to 5 days.

A mobile app for your convenience

The smart fountain has a built-in Wi-Fi module so you can conveniently set it up via a mobile app that is available in English language for both iOS and Android. It also automatically alerts you when the filter needs to be replaced. Multiple devices of the same type can be paired with one mobile device. Your Wi-Fi must be set to 2.4 GHz to ensure correct pairing.


Replacement filter for TESLA Smart Pet Fountain and TESLA Smart Pet Fountain UV





Control all products with one app

There's nothing easier than controlling your entire home from your phone. And our TESLA Smart app allows you to do that. You don't have to worry about any lengthy setup or complicated controls. The app is also in English, so you'll understand it perfectly. In short, everything is set up to make using the app as convenient as possible for you.

The app TESLA Smart keeps you up to date with everything important, so you can keep an eye on what's going on at home. You can then control your smart devices from anywhere thanks to communication via the internet. It doesn't matter where you are, you can reach your home from anywhere.

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Control all products with one app

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