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Are you also planning for spring cleaning? With smart helpers, you can do it faster and better!

Editorial office of TESLA Editorial office of TESLA 15. 3. 2024

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Has a task called Spring Cleaning appeared on your TO DO list? While the heart of the meticulous may leap at the thought of a vacuum cleaner in action, the rest of us, unfortunately, are more likely to get our hair standing on end. But what if we told you that you can clean faster, less often and, above all, almost effortlessly?

Gone are the days of spending long hours cleaning. To get rid of the dreaded items on your to-do list with minimal effort, all you need are a few clever helpers. They'll vacuum and mop, reduce dust and leave your home clean and smelling fresh. Want to get to know them? 

Get smart on your floors with a robotic vacuum cleaner

Robotic vacuum cleaners are the cornerstone of smart cleaning. Just let them snoop around the house for a while and half the job is done. They'll vacuum every nook and cranny, charge themselves and if you reach for the higher-end models, they can even empty the waste bin. All the Tesla Smart vacuum cleaners range also come with a mopping function - so you can tick the next task off your list. 

The air purifier prevents dust from swirling and settling

Air purifiers are another key ally in the fight for a smelly home. With regular use, they reduce the dust swirling around the room - the air purifier literally absorbs the flying dust and prevents it from settling on the floor or furniture. But that's not the end of its work. Thanks to the filter system, ionizer, or UV lamp, it also gets rid of unpleasant odors, allergens, viruses, and bacteria. 

TIP: To make cleaning with smart products as efficient as possible, help them start with a clean slate. For example, before you use an air purifier in the room, dust and vacuum - this will get rid of built-up dirt and can effectively combat new dirt from settling in. 

1. Tidy after tidying

The golden rule of cleaning is, take it from top to bottom. So, before you tackle the floors, dust first, change the beds, wash the windows. Then vacuum and mop - you'll avoid getting your clean floors dirty again. Our recommendation. The purifier will continuously trap agitated dust and not allow it to settle again. 

2. The dust will not retract the dust but will prevent it from collecting the dust and collecting the dust again

As they say in English, "Work smarter, not harder". All the work doesn't have to be on your shoulders. It doesn't stop with the robot vacuum cleaner and the cleaner - there are other devices in the Tesla Smart portfolio that will keep your home in tip-top shape. Aroma diffusers will keep the air constantly scented, dehumidifiers will take care of high humidity, and a smart toilet will make cleaning up after your pets easier.

3. Automate cleaning

Smart helpers offer clever features. With them, you can create automations, scenarios and schedules that will think about cleaning for you. Simply set up the app to vacuum twice a week, clean the air every night before bed, or do a combination of several tasks.

4. With regularity, you can reduce the frequency of cleaning

If you want to keep the frequency of big cleanings to a minimum, think regularly. Using smart helpers regularly will keep things tidy for much longer, and you'll only have to repeat this unpleasant chore a few times a year. 

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