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Gift basket with the TESLA

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Tips and tricks

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When choosing a gift for loved ones, it's important to find one that suits their tastes, interests and hobbies. Smart devices can help us do this by offering modern and practical solutions, enhancing convenience and entertainment while reflecting the personality of the person they are gifting. With TESLA, you can find the right gift for your loved ones for Christmas or any other holiday.

Safe from distance 

If you're looking for the perfect mum and baby gift, you've found it! The TESLA smart baby camera is a huge help when the newborn baby arrives at the house. It has motion, sound, temperature and humidity sensors, so baby can be safe even when mum isn't around. It plays a lullaby to make lullabies quicker and more fun, and the microphone can be used to soothe a waking baby in the middle of the night from the comfort of your bedroom. 

Modern house security 

When we're away from home for several days, we often get that unsettled feeling of wondering if everything will be in order when we get home. Even though our parents spend their carefree retirement years travelling and hiking, this question is certainly on their minds too. Give them the gift of security! The TESLA smart 360° security camera constantly monitors movement in its surroundings and automatically pivots on both axes to track it. No matter where your parents are in the world, they can see the status of their home at any time thanks to the simple use of the camera. It's easy to set up and operate, even for those who are not familiar with the world of smart devices. 

Modern life of pets  

Everyone has a friend who lives and dies for animals, and we've met more cats than life partners. But what can friends do? Of course, they support each other! A clever pet drinker and feeder helps you to keep your pet responsibly yet leave your pets to fend for themselves without any worries. The TESLA smart pet fountain ensures a constant supply of fresh and clean water, which can even be controlled via a mobile app. And with the TESLA automatic smart pet feeder, you can set and schedule the food feed via the mobile app, so your pet can enjoy a quiet dinner even if you're not home in time. With these gifts, you're guaranteed to prevent your girlfriend from cancelling your next date with the excuse that she must look after the animals. 

Smart devices can be great gifts, as they're highly innovative and practical. By choosing just one smart product, we can make life easier for our loved ones! 

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