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TESLA Professional BLDC Neutralizing Ion Hairdryer

A hairdryer with ionizer for smooth and shiny hair

The TESLA Professional BLDC Neutralizing Ion Hairdryer is far from just a hairdryer; its functions help protect, add shine and hydration, as well as shape and fix hair. With multiple attachments and airflow and temperature control, it adapts to any hair type, whether you want a beautifully smooth style or to accentuate natural curls. It is also ideal for travelling.

More information

  • 2 concentrators and a diffuser
  • 3 temperature levels, 3 airflow rates
  • Ionizer for shiny hair
  • Quick drying of hair

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Maximum motor speed:
approx. 110,000 rpm
Airflow levels:
Temperature levels:
Cable length:
2.8 m
Package contents:
3 attachments (small and large air concentrator and magnetic rotary diffuser)
Noise level:
67 dB
1 500 W
Power supply:
220‒240 V AC 50/60Hz
Automatic cleaning, Ionization, Cold Shot button, Memory function, Automatic system diagnostics, Automatic shutdown, NTC protection function

Product information

  • 2 concentrators and a diffuser

    The hairdryer includes two shaping nozzles or concentrators (small and large), which direct the air to one place and with the help of a brush you can perfectly smooth your hair. Then there is a magnetic rotary diffuser which provides volume and naturally shapes curls.

  • 3 temperature levels, 3 airflow rates

    Choose the temperature and flow according to the hair type. Both functions are easily controlled by the buttons on the handle and their status displayed by LED lights. Pressing the Cold Shot button fixes the hairstyle with cold air.

  • Ionizer for shiny hair

    The hairdryer generates over 5 million ionisation pulses per cm3. This technology protects hair from over-drying, moisturizes it and eliminates static electricity. Hair breaks less, doesn't fly out of place and the hairstyle is smoother, softer and shinier.

  • Quick drying of hair

    The less drying the better it is for your hair. In addition to the ionizer, professional magnetic nozzles with 360° rotation and a motor with up to 110,000 rpm and 1500 W of power ensure fast and efficient drying.

Cleaning at the touch of a button

Treat yourself to a perfectly clean hairdryer at all times. Cleaning the dust filter could not be easier. Simply hold down the temperature and airflow buttons for five seconds and the motor will clean itself within 15 seconds. And what about in case of faults? It also searches for these on its own, as it has automatic system diagnostics.

Never far from the mirror again

Is the socket too far from the mirror? Don't worry, let it be up to 2.8 metres away. The TESLA Professional BLDC Neutralizing Ion Hairdryer has an unusually long power cable.

Its memory, your comfort

The settings you choose are saved in its memory. The hairdryer has a practical memory function, so the temperature and airflow speed you select can be set again during the next blow-drying session. 

Foldable to fit on shelves and in suitcases

Foldable to fit on shelves and in suitcases

The TESLA Professional BLDC Neutralizing Ion Hairdryer has a folding handle so it won't take up too much space in your cabinet.

Cold fixation to finish

To ensure that the time spent on shaping the hair is not wasted, it is necessary to firm up the final hairstyle. The Cold Shot button helps with this. A cold shock at the end fixes the hairstyle and adds smoothness and softness to the hair.


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