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TESLA Foldable Ionic Hair Dryer

Foldable hair dryer with air ionization

Keep your hair care standards at the highest level, even when you're on the move. The TESLA Foldable Ionic Hair Dryer impresses with its compact dimensions and weight of just 350 grams, making it easy to fit in your hand luggage. At the same time, it offers the functionality and performance of a standard hair dryer. It is equipped with a high-quality DC motor, ioniser, two drying intensities and a cold air function.

More information

  • Compact travel design
  • Air ionization
  • Ergonomically designed and quiet operation
  • High-quality DC motor

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Airflow levels:
2 speeds + cold air
Cable length:
2.8 m
Package contents:
Air concentrator attachment, Diffuser
Automatic shutdown:
when the temperature threshold is exceeded
1 500 W
Power supply:
220‒240 V AC 50/60Hz
Built-in ionizer, Overheating protection, Travel-friendly design

Product information

  • Compact travel design

    The hair dryer is ideal for use while travelling. The handle design makes it easy to fold the hair dryer, and with its compact dimensions and weight of just 350 grams, it can be stowed away in a small travel bag.

  • Air ionization

    The TESLA Foldable Ionic Hair Dryer emits negative ions to reduce drying time and protect hair. Ionization during blow-drying seals the hair cuticles, making the hair less susceptible to heat damage.

  • Ergonomically designed and quiet operation

    Enjoy comfortable, effortless styling. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the hair dryer is easy to hold and handle. It also benefits from quiet operation, so you won't be disturbed by excessive noise when styling your hair.

  • High-quality DC motor

    The high-quality DC motor delivers 1500 watts of power for faster drying of hair. Compared to conventional motors, it is quieter, more durable and longer lasting.

The ideal travel partner

Compact size, low weight and foldable. Three features that make the TESLA Ionic Hair Dryer a great helper for all users with busy lifestyles. Even when travelling you don't have to compromise on your hair styling requirements. Despite its compact design, it offers the same level of functionality and performance as standard hair dryers.

A level of care that you'll love

You can adapt the power of the hair dryer to your current needs and the nature of your hair. It offers two drying speeds, a cold air function and a handy diffuser attachment is included as standard. The hair dryer is also equipped with an air ionizer to help protect hair from heat damage. Negative ions seal the individual hairs, making the resulting hairstyle smooth, shiny and frizz-free.

 Hair as Beautiful as Never Before

Hair as Beautiful as Never Before

Dry with Elegance and Protection using the Innovative TESLA Foldable Ionic Hair Dryer.

Ergonomically designed for comfortable drying

The TESLA Ionic Hair Dryer has been designed to make drying your hair as pleasant as possible. The ergonomic design makes the hair dryer easy to hold, and with a weight of just 350 grams, it won't hurt your hands even when performing complicated styling. Quiet operation and an ample 2.8 metre cable ensure that nothing disturbs or restricts you when styling your hair. An automatic shut-off function protects against overheating.

Impressive performance in a small body 

Don't be fooled by the hair dryer’s small size. The hair dryer houses a high-quality 1500 W DC motor, so blow-drying your hair won't take any longer than you're used to at home. The DC motor is also highly durable and long-lasting, so even with frequent travel, the TESLA Ionic Hair Straightener will serve you for years to come.


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