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TESLA Smart Sensor Windows and Door

Smart window and door sensor

The open/close sensor becomes your personal watchdog. It consists of two parts working on the principle of switching, so you can easily place it on the window or door. It then alerts you immediately via notifications in the mobile app if it is opened. Thanks to Zigbee technology, you can use the sensor for smart automation to help with security and savings in the home.

More information

  • Zigbee technology
  • Easy installation
  • Mobile applications
  • Elegant design

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Operating conditions:
IP rating:
Power supply:
1x button cell CR2032
Operating temperature :
-10‒40 °C
48 x 35 x 11 mm
App TESLA Smart:
Google Android 6.0+, Apple iOS 11.0+

Product Descripition

  • Zigbee technology

    The sensor communicates with other smart devices in the home using Zigbee technology. It offers a stable connection up to 50 metres and is energy-efficient - the sensor's battery lasts up to 1 year.

  • Easy installation

    The sensor is composed of two parts equipped with magnets. These are simply attached with double-sided tape to the window/door and its frame. There is no assembly required and installation takes only a few minutes.

  • Mobile applications

    The TESLA Smart mobile app offers settings and controls. It connects the sensor with other smart products to create smart automation. In addition, the app always alerts you when an open/close is detected.

  • Elegant design

    Thanks to its small size and simple white design, the sensor fits easily. If you have windows or doors in white design, you will hardly notice the sensor on them. It won't stand out too much with other colours either.

Not only windows and doors under control

The sensor is composed of two parts with a magnet, where the detection itself works on the principle of switching - when the magnets are disconnected, the sensor evaluates the opening, and when they are connected, the closing. This can be used perfectly on a window or door, when one part of the sensor is placed on the door/window itself and the other on its frame. However, the device can also be installed on other places you want to control - on a safe or an office cabinet.

Automation for a safe and economical home

The open/close detection itself is great for keeping you in the loop - you know you've closed the windows when you leave the house, it alerts you to break-ins and more. But the sensor really adds value the moment you integrate it into your smart home. This is because you can use automation to determine exactly what you want to happen when detected. For example, it will work great in combination with a siren that goes off when a door is opened, a smart thermostatic head or a smart air purifier that will turn off when a window is opened, thus reducing your household costs. The possibilities are countless.

It won't be caught off guard

It won't be caught off guard

The undesired changes it alerts you to are detected by opening or closing of the two parts.

TESLA Smart App

The mobile app has all the settings you need. It connects the sensor to your home network, connects you to voice assistants, pairs you with other smart products and makes it easy to set up smart automation. In addition, the app will inform you of changes in the sensor's status via notifications - whenever an open/close is detected, you'll know immediately.

Zigbee technology

Smart Sensor Windows and Door falls into the category of devices using Zigbee technology. This allows it to be connected to the home network and also to communicate with each other smart products. A great advantage of the technology is its low energy consumption, thanks to which the sensor can operate for up to 12 months on a single button battery. However, in order to take full advantage of its smart functions, the home must be equipped with a Zigbee gateway (TESLA Smart Zigbee Hub) to which it connects.



Control all products with one app

There's nothing easier than controlling your entire home from your phone. And that’s exactly what the TESLA Smart app allows you to do. Use it to manage all your smart devices. Thanks to automation and scenarios, you can create a smart home that relieves you of mundane everyday tasks.

You can control smart products via the internet from anywhere. It doesn't matter where you are, your household will even listen to you from the other side of the world. The app keeps you up to date with everything important, so you can keep an eye on what's going on at home. You don't have to worry about any lengthy setup. The TESLA Smart is completely in English, so you'll understand it perfectly. In short, everything is arranged to make using TESLA products as convenient as possible for you.

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Control all products with one app

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