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TESLA Smart Robot Vacuum Laser

Having a clean floor has never been easier

The TESLA Smart robotic vacuum with premium laser navigation vacuums and mops when you're not home. It tackles obstacles, divides your home into zones and offers a wealth of control options.

More information

  • Smart Settings
  • Premium Technology
  • Wet Wipe Function

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Vacuum Cleaning, Mopping
Voice assistants:
Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
Suction Power:
2 200 Pa
Dust box capacity:
0,6 l
Water tank capacity:
0,35 l
Charge time:
6 h
Filter Type:
3000 mAh
Power supply:
28 W
Operating temperature :
0‒40 °C
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Virtual Wall, Anti-collision sensor, Anti-fall sensor, Auto-charge
App TESLA Smart:
Google Android 6.0+, Apple iOS 11.0+

Product information

  • Smart Settings

    Your home appears as an interactive map on your phone, where you can create and set up virtual walls and cleaning zones to intensify or avoid.

  • Premium Technology

    Laser navigation is the most precise technology that allows the vacuum cleaner to navigate perfectly in space, plus the robot has a high-capacity battery (3,000 mAh), extra suction power, a high-quality HEPA filter and a large container for water (350 ml) and dust (600 ml). Maintenance is extremely easy.

  • Wet Wipe Function

    The TESLA Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner not only vacuums, it also wipes perfectly. It has a Y-mode function where the mop increases the mopping efficiency by copying the Y symbol. This makes it a great tool for removing coarse dirt.

A robot that knows no obstacles

The TESLA Smart Robot Vacuum Laser easily crosses low thresholds, avoids stairs, carefully navigates around a crystal vase and won't leave a speck of dust in the furthest corner under the couch. All thanks to the anti-fall and anti-collision sensor and a special design that gracefully overcomes obstacles up to 1.5 cm high.

Clever connectivity

Want your vacuum cleaner to start working automatically at 9am every morning? To mop the kitchen vigorously and avoid the children's play area? Need to remove spilled milk in the kitchen? The robot does it all with a single click on the TESLA Smart app (in English). Connect the vacuum cleaner to other elements of your smart home so that, for example, it automatically switches off when the TV starts playing. Use smart assistants to control the vacuum cleaner with voice commands, or use the included remote control.

Three cleaning modes

Three cleaning modes

Choose from three cleaning intensities: eco cleaning, standard cleaning or intensive cleaning.

Automatic recharging

The high-capacity battery of this robotic helper allows full power for up to 140 minutes at a time. And if it has to deal with a really large and multi-dirty area, that's no problem for it either. It will drive itself to recharge the batteries and then finish the job.

Uncompromisingly powerful performance

The TESLA Smart Robot Vacuum Laser handles all types of floors, including carpet. It has an extra-high suction power of 2,200 Pa and a high-quality replaceable HEPA filter that captures even the finest dust, dust mites and allergens, so in addition to a precision-clean floor, it helps improve your home's air quality


Replacement HEPA filter, left and right brush and mopping cloth.