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TESLA Smart Camera Outdoor PTZ

Wi-Fi camera with moving head for almost 100% coverage

Introducing our revolutionary PTZ camera that marks a breakthrough in modern security technology. With its advanced smart features, you'll be able to fully customize, automate and optimize your home security like you never imagined. With Pan-Tilt-Zoom capability and seamless integration into your smart home, you'll gain unprecedented peace of mind and control over your property's se­curity. Take your security to the next level with our new PTZ camera!

More information

  • PTZ – pan, tilt and zoom
  • 2K and color night vision
  • Motion detection, tracking and siren

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2304 x 1296 px
Sensor type:
1/2.7‘‘ 3 MPx, CMOS
IR distance:
≤ 10 m
3.6 mm F1.8
microSD card, Cloud, NVR
215 x 170 x 98 mm
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n
App TESLA Smart:
Google Android 6.0+, Apple iOS 11.0+

Product information

  • PTZ – pan, tilt and zoom

    With the Tesla PTZ camera, you'll experience the versatility and control you've been looking for. In order to really see everything, you can rotate the camera at will and zoom in for an absolute overview. Whether monitoring your home, business or other area, our PTZ camera provides comprehensive coverage and precise surveillance. Say goodbye to blind spots and welcome peace of mind. Advance your security level with PTZ technology today.

  • 2K and color night vision

    Take your tech to a new level with a Tesla security camera with a 3MP sensor and 2K resolution. Thanks to modern technology, this camera delivers crystal clear images and excellent details, so you won't miss a thing. In addition, it has color night vision, so you will see vivid and accurate colors even in low light conditions. With our 3MP 2K sensor camera, you'll have the best possible level of security and peace of mind all day and night.

  • Motion detection, tracking and siren

    Our camera brings three key elements that guarantee your safety and peace of mind. With motion detection, it immediately informs you of any movement in the monitored area, so no unwanted activity is missed. Thanks to the tracking function, you will always be clear about what is happening around your home or business, and you can accurately track moving objects. And when you need to scare off potential intruders or warn of a risk, our built-in siren comes to the rescue. With our camera, security is at your fingertips.

Modern technology

Our security camera opens the doors to the world of a smart home. Thanks to the integrated smart functions, you can easily integrate the camera into your home automation system and gain complete control over your security. Function settings are intuitive and customizable to your needs, be it schedules, modes or other settings. Wherever you are, you will always be informed thanks to notifications directly to your device, which will allow you to quickly react to any event. Create a smart and safe home with our camera.

Ready to face the elements

Our IP65 certified outdoor security camera is a great solution for protecting your property in any weather. With resistance against dust and water, it maintains high reliability even under adverse conditions. Trust our camera to keep your home or business safe no matter the weather.

PTZ – pan, tilt and zoom

PTZ – pan, tilt and zoom

Advance your security level with PTZ technology today.

Tesla Smart app for even more features

The Tesla smart security camera, in conjunction with the extended functions in the Tesla Smart mobile application, revolutionizes your home security. Thanks to this combination, you have unlimited supervision and control over your home right in the palm of your hand. With the camera you get clear records and motion detection, while the Tesla Smart app allows you to set your own security modes, receive instant notifications and remotely control your device. Enjoy high-level security and the convenience of a smart home with our security solution.

Communication is key

With the Tesla security camera, you can avoid misunderstandings thanks to two-way communication. The device has a built-in speaker and microphone, so it is not a problem to make arrangements with, for example, a courier. See a suspicious figure in your backyard? Just ask what he's doing there. Be ready for a new way of surveillance with our revolutionary camera.



Control all products with one app

There's nothing easier than controlling your entire home from your phone. And that’s exactly what the TESLA Smart app allows you to do. Use it to manage all your smart devices. Thanks to automation and scenarios, you can create a smart home that relieves you of mundane everyday tasks.

You can control smart products via the internet from anywhere. It doesn't matter where you are, your household will even listen to you from the other side of the world. The app keeps you up to date with everything important, so you can keep an eye on what's going on at home. You don't have to worry about any lengthy setup. The TESLA Smart is completely in English, so you'll understand it perfectly. In short, everything is arranged to make using TESLA products as convenient as possible for you.

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Control all products with one app

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