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TESLA Ionic Hair Straightener

Ionising hair straightener with tourmaline

Creating the perfect hairstyle from the comfort of your own home has never been easier. With the Tesla Ionic Hair Straightener you can tame even the most unruly hair in no time. The adjustable temperature ranging from 140 to 230 °C adapts to the texture of the hair and the movable straightening surfaces allow you to control their pressure intensity. Quick adjustments ensure instant heating in just 40 seconds.

More information

  • Ceramic surfaces with tourmaline
  • 40 million negative ions
  • Instant heating up
  • Automatic shutdown

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Heating temperature:
140‒230 °C
Ceramic surfaces:
Moving surfaces coated with tourmaline
Ion technology:
6 ion outputs for 40 million negative ions
Heat-up time:
40 seconds
360° swivel
Automatic shutdown:
after 60 minutes
48 W
Built-in ionizer, Instant heating function, Overheating protection, Rotary lock, LED temperature display

Product information

  • Ceramic surfaces with tourmaline

    Tourmaline-coated ironing surfaces ensure even heat distribution and perfect smoothing of hair without frizz. The mobility of the surfaces will help with adjusting the intensity of the squeezing of hair.

  • 40 million negative ions

    The built-in ioniser protects the hair and prevents the occurrence of static electricity. A total of six ion outlets around the straightening surface will care for your hair with the power of 40 million negative ions.

  • Instant heating up

    You don't have to wait for the straightener to heat up to create the perfect hairstyle. The Tesla Ionic Hair Straightener boasts an instant heating function and will be ready at 200 °C in just 40 seconds.

  • Automatic shutdown

    An automatic shutdown feature protects you from overheating and fire hazards. After 60 minutes of inactivity, the device switches itself off, preventing any accidents or damage.

A straightener for all types of hair

Delicate and fragile or strong and firm? Reach for a straightener that adapts to your hair. With the Tesla Ionic Hair Straightener, you can set up to 10 temperature levels ranging from 140 to 230 °C. Lower temperatures will tenderly care for thin hair, while higher temperatures will tame even the wildest curls. 

Straight and smooth hair thanks to ceramic plates with tourmaline

Ceramic surfaces ensure even temperature distribution across the entire straightener, while the tourmaline surface treatment helps to perfectly smooth your hair. The straightener is also equipped with Floating Plate technology, which automatically regulates the gripping force through spring-loaded silicone surfaces to adapt to the structure of the hair and prevent breakage.

TESLA Ionic Hair Straightener

TESLA Ionic Hair Straightener

TESLA Ionic Hair Straightener is equipped with moving surfaces that allow you to adjust the intensity of compression.

Negative ions for shiny hair without frizz

Ionization seals in the moisture of the hair and minimizes damage during heat treatment. Negatively charged ions reduce static electricity, allow the straightener to glide through hair more easily and prevent individual hairs from flying away. Thanks to 40 million negative ions, the resulting hairstyle will be smooth and shiny, just like in a hair salon.

Easy to use

You can easily adjust the temperature using the rotary controller. This is positioned around a clear LED display where you can always clearly see the current temperature setting. Sufficiently long cord with a 360° swivel ensures that nothing will restrict you in the hair styling process.


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