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TESLA Flosser FS200

Mouth shower for easy and effective dental hygiene

Enjoy a daily fresh feeling of health and cleanliness in your mouth. The TESLA Flosser FS200 contains four nozzles, four cleaning modes and three cleaning strengths. In no time at all it thoroughly cleans teeth, the spaces in between and the tongue, removes food debris and plaque from the mouth and helps to maintain fresh breath, healthy teeth and gums and prevent tartar build-up.

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Product variants:

  • Customise your cleaning mode
  • Gets to even those hard-to-reach places
  • Nozzles for teeth, gums and tongue
  • Up to 30 days on one charge

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8596115870147 / 8596115870130
Cleaning modes:
Standard Spray, Soft, Strong, Pulse
Vibration frequency:
1 400‒1 800 oscillations per minute
Nozzle diameter:
0.06 mm
Water pressure:
60 to 130 psi
Power supply connector:
USB Type-C
Water tank capacity:
200 ml
Battery life:
up to 30 days (when using for 1 minute daily in strong mode)
5 W
Power supply:
USB 5 V / 1 A
66 × 49,5 × 166 mm (excluding nozzles)

Product information

  • Customise your cleaning mode

    The TESLA Flosser FS200 offers three levels of cleaning power and four cleaning modes. Dental care is tailored to your individual needs, whether you are new to mouth showers, have braces, sensitive gums, a periodontal pocket, or even if you are a seasoned user.

  • Gets to even those hard-to-reach places

    It takes care of your mouth from all angles. The flexible 360-degree rotating head ensures thorough cleaning of even hard-to-reach areas. So you can comfortably attend to all the corners of your mouth.

  • Nozzles for teeth, gums and tongue

    Select the nozzle according to your needs. The standard nozzle provides all-round deep cleaning, the orthodontic nozzle removes plaque and food debris even from braces, the periodontal nozzle cares for the gums and the tongue cleaning attachment removes other harmful bacteria and debris from the mouth.

  • Up to 30 days on one charge

    The 1 000 mAh battery provides a long battery life. The TESLA Flosser FS200 lasts up to 30 days on a single charge, when used in strong mode, daily for one minute.

A great feeling in your mouth

You know that perfect feeling of having smooth teeth and a clean mouth when you leave the surgery after a session with the dental hygienist? Thanks to the TESLA Flosser FS200 you can enjoy this every day after cleaning your teeth. 

Simple interdental care

The mouth shower thoroughly cleans places where a standard toothbrush can’t reach. With the TESLA Flosser FS200 you can carry out interdental hygiene within minutes and more comfortably than with interdental brushes and floss. 

A travel companion

A travel companion

You can hide one nozzle inside the device, which is practical for hygienic transport.

For beginners and experienced alike

Use the buttons on the TESLA Flosser FS200 to set the cleaning mode and power. Beginners and people with sensitive gums will appreciate the soft mode. More experienced users can choose standard spray mode or strong mode. And the pulse mode, which varies the cleaning power (1400 to 1800 pulses per minute), provides gum massage and deep cleaning.

An always clean water tank 

A tank with a volume of 200 ml provides the water for cleaning. At the same time, it is removable, which makes it easy to keep the interior clean and prevent the growth of bacteria.


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