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TESLA Aroma Diffuser AD100

Aroma diffuser with LED backlight

Infuse your home and enjoy soothing aromatherapy every day. Just a few drops of essential oil, a little water and the TESLA Aroma Diffuser AD100. The diffuser with ultrasonic technology disperses a fine mist in a room up to 20 m² and creates a pleasant relaxing atmosphere thanks to its LED-backlit design.

More information

  • For rooms up to 20 m²
  • Water tank capacity 150 ml
  • Two operating modes
  • Wooden decor with LED backlight

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Room size:
20 m²
Maximum mist output:
25‒35 ml/h
5 W
Power supply:
AC 100‒240/50 Hz
150 ml
130 x 130 x 160 mm

Product information

  • For rooms up to 20 m²

    The diffuser produces up to 35 ml of steam per hour, making it suitable for rooms up to 20 m². Thanks to its ultrasonic technology, it emits a really fine mist into its surroundings, which, when a few drops of essential oil are added, scents the entire home.

  • Water tank capacity 150 ml

    The tank holds up to 150 ml of water, which is enough for several hours of operation, depending on the mode selected. Refilling is easy, just remove the top cover and fill the tank. When the water is empty, the diffuser automatically switches off.

  • Two operating modes

    The amount of water discharged into the air can be easily controlled through two modes of operation. You can choose from continuous or intermittent steam generation. In intermittent operation, the diffuser operates in 20 seconds steam generation, 10 seconds pause.

  • Wooden decor with LED backlight

    The modern design of the diffuser in imitation wood will fit into any home. The LED backlight, which offers a choice of seven colours, also helps to create a pleasant atmosphere.

An oasis of calm in your home

Lavender to calm you down, eucalyptus for colds or citrus to improve your mood? In aromatherapy you will find a scent for almost every ailment. Simply add a few drops of essential oil to a tank of water and the diffuser disperses the aroma throughout the room in the form of a fine mist. Relaxation is further enhanced by the pleasant LED backlight - you can choose from a total of seven colour options.

Help in the fight against dry air

Dry air can cause a number of problems such as breathing difficulties, coughing and dry skin. Especially in winter, heating makes the air all the drier. The Aroma Diffuser AD100 releases water vapour into the room, thus humidifying the air and helping to prevent these problems.

Ultrasonic diffuser TESLA

Ultrasonic diffuser TESLA

Brighten up your home and enjoy soothing aromatherapy every day.

Designed with safety in mind

When the water in the tank is empty, the unit automatically switches itself off, so you don't have to worry about damaging it or risk burning out. In addition, BPA-free materials have been used to produce the diffuser, so it is completely safe to use.

Continuous operation for up to 10 hours

Whether you prefer an occasional scenting of your home or a constant supply of fine mist, the Aroma Diffuser AD100 will meet your needs. It will run for up to 5 hours in continuous mode and if you choose the intermittent function, it can produce steam for a full 10 hours straight. Simply select the desired mode using the button directly on the diffuser.


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Control all products with one app

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