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Accessories for the TESLA Smart Robot Vacuum Laser AI300 Plus

Brushes, cloths, filters, and replacement bags for the TESLA Smart Robot Vacuum Laser AI300 Plus

Original accessories for your TESLA Smart Robot Vacuum Laser AI300 Plus. You can choose brushes, cloths and replacement vacuum cleaner bags to ensure trouble-free operation of your vacuum cleaner and a perfectly tidy home every time.

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  • Quick replacement
  • Notification of recommended replacement

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8596115830639 / 8596115830431 / 8596115830646 / 8596115830530
Main brush - ABS + GF, nylon, metal parts | side brush - ABS, nylon | cloth - ABS, microfibre| filter - PET | bag - non-woven fabric, paper

Product information

  • Quick replacement

    Quick accessory replacement in a snap. You want to be able to replace individual parts in less than a minute.

  • Notification of recommended replacement

    The app will send you a notification when it's close to time to replace a specific accessory. This allows sufficient time to purchase new accessories.

An all-included kit with everything you need for a big replacement

The filter deteriorates over time, and even though it’s washable, it still has a limited service life. The same applies to the side brushes. We’ve prepared a set for you that includes 1x HEPA filter H12, 2x cloths, and one pair of side brushes.

Filter replacement frequency: 150 working hours
Side brush replacement period: 150 hours
Frequency of cloth change: 150 hours (9000 min)

Set of microfibre cloths

The cloths are gentle on all types of surfaces, and installation on the lower part is quick and easy. The same applies to maintenance.

Package contents: 3x microfibre cloth
Frequency of cloth replacement: 150 hours (9000 min)

Dual main brush

Its biggest advantage is its combination of bristles and rubber blades. The bristles pick up dirt from the ground, while the rubber blades pick up the fur of our four-legged friends. Combined with high suction power, this is clearly the best combination for the best cleaning.

Package contents: 1x main brush
Main brush change frequency: 300 working hours

Bags for the main station

The station comes with a bag from the factory and you will find a second one in the package, but what about afterwards? The solution is simple. A set of five new pieces will cover several months of use.

Package contents: 5x 2 litre bags for the main station

Tip: If the side brushes are frayed, take them off the vacuum cleaner and rinse with boiling water from the kettle (tried and tested method). The bristles will straighten within moments. After that, just let them dry and they are ready for work again.

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