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Accessories for the TESLA Smart Robot Vacuum AI100

Accessory set, microfiber cloths or main brush

Let's take a look at the original accessories for the Tesla Smart Robot Vacuum AI100, which will delight you with its great quality and low price.

More information

  • Convenient replacement
  • Quality workmanship

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8596115830615 / 8596115830417 / 8596115830516
Main brush: ABS plastic + nylon | Side brushes: ABS plastic + silica + nylon | Cloth: Fabric | Filter: PET

Product information

  • Convenient replacement

    You can replace individual parts in no time.

  • Quality workmanship

    The vacuum cleaner accessories are made of high quality materials that guarantee a long service life.

Accessory set

The accessory set is the ideal combination for replacing the most stressed parts. It includes new cloths, one pair of side brushes, and a HEPA filter.

Package contents: 1x HEPA filter, 1x set of side brushes, 2x microfiber cloths.
Recommended filter replacement frequency: Every 2 months
Recommended side brush replacement frequency:
Every month

If they are already showing signs of visible wear, please replace both.

Tip: If the side brushes are frayed, take them off the vacuum cleaner and rinse with boiling water from the kettle (tried and tested method). The bristles will straighten within moments. After that, just let them dry and they are ready for work again.

Fine microfibre cloths

The cloths are made of a soft fibre that mops effectively and is gentle on all types of floors.

Package contents: 3x microfibre cloths
Recommended maintenance frequency: Every month

Main brush

The main brush is designed so that the bristles pick up dirt, including the fur of our four-legged pets. Use them in combination with our main brush for the AI100 model to guarantee maximum versatility.

Package contents: 1x Main brush
Recommended maintenance frequency: Every month

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