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Accesories set for TESLA Smart Outdoor Water Timer

Set for creating a complete irrigation solution

Extension kit for Tesla Smart Outdoor Water Timer. Two independent watering branches can be configured. Watering nozzles and drip heads are available to suit different plant types. Create a solution for your lawn, greenhouse or regular flower bed.

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  • Automatic and efficient irrigation
  • Flexible andy easy installation

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Product information

  • Automatic and efficient irrigation

    Our kit provides a complete solution for the automatic irrigation of your garden or vegetable bed, saving you time and energy when caring for your plants.

  • Flexible andy easy installation

    The kit is designed to be easy to install and fully customisable to your needs. The hassle-free installation allows quick deployment of the irrigation system without complicated set-up.

Different solutions for different gardens

Everything you need to create a customised irrigation solution is included. Nozzles, sprinklers and drippers, each with a different water delivery profile. Connecting material, 30m of hose and other useful accessories will help you create the perfect growing conditions at home with a little manual work.

Set of irrigation accessories

1. 4/7" tube - 30 m (1x) 10. adjustable sprinkler (10x)
2. tap connector (1x) 11. tube connector (10x)
3. 2-way valve (1x) 12. sprinkler connector (10x)
4. 2-way splitter (2x) 13. tube T connector (10x)
5. water tap quick connector (1x) 14. tube plug (10x)
6. adjustable dripper (air) (10x) 15. zip tie (3x)
7. sprinkler jet (3x) 16. tube holder (15x)
8. sprinkler holder (3x) 17. label (10x)
9. adjustable dripper (soil) (10x) 18. sealing tape (1x)

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Control all products with one app

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