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TESLA Nasal Aspirator NA300

Mucus aspirator to easily clear up airways

Help your baby breathe freely. The electric TESLA Nasal Aspirator NA300 is a reliable way to provide quick and painless relief from a blocked nose. It helps distract the child with a soothing melody and coloured light so that clearing the airways becomes easy and hassle-free. It can also serve as a nice design accessory in the children's room.

More information

  • 3 attachments, 3 suction levels
  • Distracting melody and light
  • Easy maintenance
  • Playful design

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Material of body and nozzles:
soft silicone
Number of nozzles:
3 (Universal nozzle,Round hole nozzle,Toothed nozzle)
Suction levels:
3 (low, medium and high)
Power supply connector:
DC jack
1.5 W
Power supply:
500 mAh / baterie 3,7 V
11 x 5,3 x 5,3 cm
Melody, Light

Product information

  • 3 attachments, 3 suction levels

    A cold comes in many forms. The TESLA Nasal Aspirator NA300 offers three types of soft silicone tips for different types of mucus. It also has three suction levels, so you can choose the intensity you need.

  • Distracting melody and light

    Suctioning a child’s nose is generally not one of their favourite activities. This is why we've included 10 melodies and coloured light passing through the blue ring to help distract them.

  • Easy maintenance

    Don't worry about bacteria build-up or transmission of infection. The body of the device is waterproof, so you can rinse the entire device with water after use. Afterwards, you can easily disassemble the aspirator and disinfect the suction heads and collection container with boiling water or steam.

  • Playful design

    The TESLA Nasal Aspirator NA300 can be left right out in the open. Perhaps even on the shelf next to the crib. Its stylish design gives it the playful appearance of an interior decorative item.

Choose the right attachment for the situation

Whether your child has a runny nose, thick mucus, or a dry crusty nose, the TESLA Nasal Aspirator NA300 can handle it. There are three interchangeable tips in the package - with irregular hole, rounded, or edged. Simply choose the best one required by the situation. Keep everything as hygienic as possible by applying them with the tweezers included in the package.

Efficient suctioning

Child and parent both want the same thing: to clean the nose as quickly as possible. With advanced technology and high suction power, it’ll be finished very quickly. In just a few seconds, you’ll help your child breathe easily and eliminate the unpleasant problems associated with colds.

Just charge it with the cable

Just charge it with the cable

The aspirator has its own 500 mAh battery and charger. Charge it with the USB cable.

Gentle and safe care

The TESLA Nasal Aspirator NA300 helps you avoid unpleasant irritation. Its body and tips are made of high quality soft silicone and are specially designed for babies’ and children’s little noses. It makes cleaning the nasal cavity gentle and painless.

Safety first

Keeping the machine perfectly clean all the time is no problem. It comes apart easily and can be cleaned with water and normal soap or detergent. It’s also made of safe materials. The collection container and the suction cup are both made of materials suitable for use in the food industry.


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