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TESLA Multi Sterilizer MS100

A versatile sterilizer for heating, preparing, and defrosting baby food

Take care of feeding your infant and/or toddler easily and conveniently even with a crying baby in your arms. Invite this practical helper into your kitchen. The TESLA MS100 Multi Sterilizer is much more than a simple and safe chemical-free baby bottle sterilizer. It offers 7 preset modes.

More information

  • Eliminates bacteria
  • Heats milk and food
  • 7 programmes
  • Easy to operate and clean

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Temperature range:
30 ‒ 100 °C
Span of time:
1 min - 24 hours
Number of modes:
7 (sterilisation, heating milk in glass, plastic, and silicone bottles, heating food, heating baby foods, defrosting, cooking eggs, preparing yoghurt)
Cable length:
80 cm
Package contents:
Multifunctional sterilizer, Stand for sterilizing bottles, Hinged cover, Sterilizer cover, Control panel with display
950 g
200 W
Power supply:
100‒240 V AC 50/60 Hz
19 x 12 x 21,5 cm

Product information

  • Eliminates bacteria

    The sterilisation programme ensures perfect disinfection of baby bottles, pacifiers, and other equipment. It accomplishes all this safely, using only water and steam. It kills up to 99.9 % of harmful bacteria and helps protect your baby's health.

  • Heats milk and food

    The versatile sterilizer also enables fast, even, and safe heating of breast milk or infant formula to the ideal temperature for immediate administration. It can hold two 200ml baby bottles, so it can even cater for twins at the same time.

  • 7 programmes

    The TESLA MS 100 Multi Sterilizer is a multifunctional device that offers 7 programs and provides help in many situations. It can defrost food and breast milk at a safe speed and can even cook eggs and make homemade yoghurt.

  • Easy to operate and clean

    Despite its many programs, it is user-friendly and intuitive to operate. Simply switch on the appliance and select a programme with temperature and time. It is easy and environmentally friendly to clean – simply a cloth, water, and vinegar, basic household supplies.

Baby dishes cleaned to perfection

Baby bottles, teats, pacifiers, plastic food storage containers, breast pump parts, and other accessories. You can sterilise all this and remove invisible dirt from baby dishes.

One device, so many options

Do you need to evenly heat your toddler's lunch? Or breast milk to a specific temperature so that it doesn’t lose valuable nutrients? No problem. Can't keep up? Take the food out of the freezer and thaw it. In the evening, it sterilizes all the baby dishes perfectly. Then it's ready to boil eggs or prepare yoghurt for the next day.

An indispensable helper

An indispensable helper

With the multifunctional sterilizer, caring for your little one will be much easier. 

Flexible temperature selection as you need it

Defrost at 30 degrees, heat milk to 37 to 40 degrees, or prepare yogurt between 40 and 45 degrees. Simply set the temperature on the display according to your current needs. And if something comes up and you can't serve it right away, it's okay. The TESLA MS100 Multi Sterilizer can maintain a temperature for several hours.

A snap to operate

The controls are simple and can be mastered in no time. The control panel has only a few buttons – for switching on and off, for lowering or raising the temperature, and for changing the mode. The display clearly shows the set temperature (up to 100 °C). When the selected programme is completed, the multifunctional sterilizer beeps and switches itself off.


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Control all products with one app

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