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TESLA Flosser FS200 Spare Heads

Replacement nozzles for TESLA Flosser FS200 Spare Heads

Introducing replacement nozzles for your favorite oral irrigator! In this package, you will find 4 precisely designed replacement nozzles, which will ensure perfect care for your teeth and gums. Among these, three nozzles are intended for regular cleaning, and one nozzle is specially designed for your tongue.

More information

  • Nozzles for teeth, gums and tongue
  • Comprehensive oral hygiene

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8596115870161 / 8596115870154
Type of attachment:
Standard nozzle, Orthodontic nozzle, Periodontal nozzle, Tongue cleaning nozzle
Nozzle diameter:
0.06 mm
white, black

Product information

  • Nozzles for teeth, gums and tongue

    Select the nozzle according to your needs. The standard nozzle provides all-round deep cleaning, the orthodontic nozzle removes plaque and food debris even from braces, the periodontal nozzle cares for the gums and the tongue cleaning attachment removes other harmful bacteria and debris from the mouth.

  • Comprehensive oral hygiene

    Customize your care to meet your individual needs, whether you're just starting with an oral irrigator, have braces, sensitive gums, periodontal pockets, or you're an experienced user.

Replacement nozzles for gentle and effective cleaning

Each of these replacement nozzles is made from high-quality material that is gentle on your gums while effectively removing dental plaque and food debris from interdental spaces. Thanks to their innovative design and precise craftsmanship, these nozzles provide intensive and thorough cleaning, leaving you with a refreshing and clean feeling.

Maximum comfort

Remember to replace the nozzles regularly to maintain a top-notch dental care routine. We recommend replacing the nozzles every 3 months to ensure optimal effectiveness and long-term reliability. With the replacement nozzles for your oral irrigator, enjoy maximum comfort and cleaning efficiency. Invest in the health of your teeth and gums, and also ensure thorough care for your tongue with our high-quality replacement nozzles. Rest assured that every smile will be brilliantly radiant and healthy!

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