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TESLA Smart Sensor Button

Button for smart home control

With the Smart Sensor Button, you get control over other smart products in your home without having to search for your phone or reach for the power switch. With a press, you can control a specific smart device or trigger a preset scene. The button offers 3 usage options through single click, double click or long hold. You determine what you want to happen after a given press.

More information

  • Multifunctional use
  • Simple operation
  • Minimalist design
  • Endurance up to 2 years

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Battery life:
Up to 24 months
Battery state monitoring:
Power supply:
1x button cell CR2032
Operating temperature :
-10‒55 °C
Ø50 x 16 mm
App TESLA Smart:
Google Android 6.0+, Apple iOS 11.0+

Product information

  • Multifunctional use

    The button can be assigned 3 commands that are activated depending on the nature of the click - single, double or long press. The possibilities and combinations are countless. It can also serve as an SOS button.

  • Simple operation

    You can control your smart products with just a touch. The button is ideal wherever you don't have your mobile phone, for regularly recurring activities or for the kids' room as a replacement for the mobile app.

  • Minimalist design

    The device is sleek, wireless and tiny. So you can really place it anywhere. Fix it to the desired location with adhesive tape, or leave it loose and move it around as needed.

  • Endurance up to 2 years

    The button uses Zigbee technology, through which it is connected to the home network. The technology has a range of up to 50 metres, is very stable and energy-efficient. One button battery is sufficient for operation.

One-click smart home control

The button can control almost every element of your smart home. Pair it with an air purifier, a thermo head or an LED strip - it's up to you. It's ideal for use in the kids' room, for example, when your little ones' lights go off with one click, or for those tasks you do regularly and it's unnecessary to pull out your phone every time. 

Several possibilities of use

The button can perform up to 3 tasks. Just press once, twice or long. You can set what should happen after a given press in the Tesla Smart mobile app. You don't have to limit yourself to just one smart device when setting it up - you can also use the button to activate smart scenarios that trigger multiple actions at once. Typical examples include turning off the lights throughout the apartment or activating all security features when you leave the house. The Smart Sensor Button can also act as an SOS button, sending a notification to your phone or triggering an alarm when pressed.

Set it up as you please

Set it up as you please

The device only needs one battery to operate, which lasts up to one year thanks to energy saving.

Small enough to fit in your pocket

The wireless design and small size allow you to place the smart button really anywhere. If you want to use it to turn off the lights before bedtime, for example, you can attach it to the headboard with double-sided tape. But if you need it in more than one place, you can easily move it wherever you need it.

Zigbee technology

The device uses Zigbee technology to communicate with other smart products. This allows you to connect to your home network, so you shouldn't miss a Zigbee gateway. The technology features high network stability, a range of up to 50 metres and low energy consumption. Thanks to this, you only need one button battery for power supply, which lasts up to 2 years. The button itself alerts you when it needs to be replaced.



Control all products with one app

There's nothing easier than controlling your entire home from your phone. And that’s exactly what the TESLA Smart app allows you to do. Use it to manage all your smart devices. Thanks to automation and scenarios, you can create a smart home that relieves you of mundane everyday tasks.

You can control smart products via the internet from anywhere. It doesn't matter where you are, your household will even listen to you from the other side of the world. The app keeps you up to date with everything important, so you can keep an eye on what's going on at home. You don't have to worry about any lengthy setup. The TESLA Smart is completely in English, so you'll understand it perfectly. In short, everything is arranged to make using TESLA products as convenient as possible for you.

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Control all products with one app

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