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TESLA Smart Composition Scale Wi-Fi Style

Step on a scale with your head high and with style

TESLA Smart Composition Scale Wi-Fi Style resembles a stylish addition to your bathroom more than a scale. Although it doesn't look like it, this smart plate can recognize up to 13 pieces of data, which are also sent instantly to your smartphone.

More information

  • ITO Transparent Conductive Layer
  • 4 Strain Gauges
  • Wi-Fi Connection

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Maximum weight (capacity):
180 kg
Basic measured values:
Weight, BMI, Body fat (in %), Body water (in %), Muscle mass, Calories (KCAL), Bone mass
Advanced measured values:
Overall health score, Total body weight without fat, Visceral fat (in %), Metabolic age, Weight trend graph, Protein level, Body type, BMI
Measure range:
5‒180 kg
Tempered glass
Power supply:
3x alkaline battery 1.5V LR03 / AAA (not included)
Operating temperature :
0‒40 °C
300 x 300 x 22 mm
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n
App TESLA Smart:
Google Android 6.0+, Apple iOS 11.0+

Product information

  • ITO Transparent Conductive Layer

    On the top of the device there is a 6 mm thick tempered glass, which is perfectly responsive to human touch thanks to the ITO layer. Unlike standard electrodes, however, this material is transparent and does not interfere with the design of the scale, thus allowing us to combine functionality with smart design.

  • 4 Strain Gauges

    There are four strain gauges measuring the weight. These are strategically integrated to ensure that the most accurate measurement of a given weight is achieved every time.

  • Wi-Fi Connection

    Thanks to constant automatic synchronisation via Wi-Fi, the data in your app will always be up-to-date. You will therefore have a complete overview of all measured data.

A scale that's a joy to behold

No more fear of looking at the scale. TESLA Smart Composition Scale Wi-Fi Style is a scale you'll want to look at all the time. Its brilliant design combined with smart functionality is simply pleasing to every eye.

13 measured values

13 measured values

The smart scale can detect such values and inform you about them clearly in the app.

13 measured values

Scales are no longer just for weighing. There are a number of things that affect our weight and how we feel in our bodies. The smart scale can detect such values and inform you about them clearly in the app.

TESLA Smart app

The scale communicates with your smartphone or tablet using Wi-Fi. You can also connect it to a smart app that can work on iOS and Android devices in this way. This app will help you to better understand the obtained data and it can also warn you if your health could be at risk.



Control all products with one app

There's nothing easier than controlling your entire home from your phone. And that’s exactly what the TESLA Smart app allows you to do. Use it to manage all your smart devices. Thanks to automation and scenarios, you can create a smart home that relieves you of mundane everyday tasks.

You can control smart products via the internet from anywhere. It doesn't matter where you are, your household will even listen to you from the other side of the world. The app keeps you up to date with everything important, so you can keep an eye on what's going on at home. You don't have to worry about any lengthy setup. The TESLA Smart is completely in English, so you'll understand it perfectly. In short, everything is arranged to make using TESLA products as convenient as possible for you.

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Control all products with one app

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