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Seven ways a smart home can help you on holiday

Editorial office of TESLA Editorial office of TESLA 5. 5. 2024

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To go on a trip to the seaside or the mountains and come back home where the house is tidy, vacuumed, fragrant, the animals fed, the flowers green – and all by themselves? Sounds like a crazy dream that any housewife can dream of. Except this dream is real today. Find out what smart home products can do.

1. Vacuumed and mopped just before you arrived.

You can be away from home as long as you want, but you'll never be greeted by dust and dirty floors when you return. The smart, high-quality robotic vacuum cleaner will start itself regularly, or whenever you send it to work with a single click on your phone. It easily avoids all obstacles and returns itself to the charger. And it can do even more, such as mopping, or cleaning some parts of the house more intensively and avoiding others completely if you wish.

2. The smell of home

Going away and leaving the windows open might not be the best idea, but leaving a room unventilated for two weeks in the middle of a hot summer might not be either. Especially if you don't have heat recovery. An air purifier will help with indoor climate quality. This cleans, ionizes, and keeps the air fresh as rain. An aroma diffuser controlled via your phone has the advantage that it saves energy in your absence but can also make the house smell good before you even open the front door.

3. Clean water and enough food for four-legged pets

Have you discovered the magic of quality self-watering pots? Not only flowers, but also your pets can now be left home alone for a few days. Clean water is provided by a clever pet fountain that filters 2 liters of water through a UV lamp and ensures its long-lasting quality. You can solve the food supply in a similarly clever way. The modern food dispenser holds a supply of 4 liters of kibble and allows you to adjust the quantity and time of individual portions remotely via your smartphone. What's more, it has a built-in camera with two-way audio as well as battery backup in case the power goes out.

4. Solutions for all cats and their people

If anything makes life easier for feline owners, it's a smart cat toilet. Even when you are away, thanks to it, the animal's adequate hygiene is taken care of for a while. It cleans itself regularly and even monitors whether everything is in order, for example, whether its user is keeping a regular bowel movement or losing weight suspiciously. In addition, you can get a cat laser toy to keep your cat entertained for a long time, even when she is home alone.

5. Even aquarium fish are not going to miss out

Are you a keen aquarist? You can still leave the warmth of home without fear. The Tesla Smart Fish feeder dispenses food gradually from a large reservoir, and you can manage the number of portions and their timing at any time via your phone.

6. Medicine for thieves

Smart security cameras on your home can do more than record video. For example, it will instantly alert you via your phone if someone has broken a window. You can also communicate through the camera via a microphone. Imagine a situation where a burglar pries open a doorknob, and the voice overhead says, "Look, that red hat doesn't suit you. And you're even less suited to stealing. Have you thought about a career other than breaking into my house?" And the police are on their way.

7. Safety first

You can deter burglars with smart plugs, for example, which periodically turn on a light in one of the rooms for a while in the evening to make it look like someone is home. And smart sensors that detect gas, smoke or water leaks in good time will help you to protect yourself from any further accidents.

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